of Château Preuillac


Birth of Château Preuillac at the instigation of Edmond Addé.
The Estate wins a number of different medals and awards.

Château Preuillac earns well-deserved recognition in 1932 when it is included in the Crus Bourgeois classification created that year.

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After a succession of highs and lows, Château Preuillac is taken over by Raymond Bouët who launches into major enhancements of the vineyard, construction of a winery and an underground cellar that go into service in 1975. He completes his work in 1980 with the construction of the Château in 18th century style.

The Mau and Dirkzwager families buy the Estate in partnership. Management is entrusted to Jean-Christophe Mau (5th generation of Bordeaux winegrowers).
Major renovation work is undertaken on the winery and the vineyard.

The same two families buy Château Brown in Pessac-Léognan. Management of the estate is also entrusted to Jean-Christophe Mau.

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December 2014
Château Preuillac is bought by SAS Vins Plus. Jean-Christophe Mau is still the manager of the estate during one year.