The Vineyard

of Château Preuillac

Located in the heart of the Médoc, 10 km to the north of Saint Estèphe in Lesparre Médoc, the vineyard of Château Preuillac covers 30 hectares in a single stretch. Facing due south, it enjoys outstanding exposure to the sun, providing ideal conditions for the grapes to ripen.

50% of the vineyard is on clay-limestone and gravel, while one quarter is on excellent gravel soils and the remaining quarter is on sand-gravel.

The vineyard is 30 years old on average, and is planted with Merlot (53%), Cabernet Sauvignon (45%) and Cabernet Franc (2%). The pruning system is guyot double. All the work on the vines is carried out by hand. The soils are hoed and no weedkillers are used.

The vineyard is ploughed and cultivated in accordance with the principles of sustainable control: traps are installed throughout the vineyard to keep counts of insect pests and adapt treatments to just the right levels.

Leaf stripping is carried out on the eastern side of the rows in mid-August to optimise air circulation around the grapes. Two weeks before harvesting, leaf-stripping is also carried out on the other side of the rows to combat outbreaks of grey rot.

Systematic bud removal when the vines are pruned (3 buds per branch).

To limit yields and enhance the quality of our wines, we carry out systematic removal of the base buds on all the vines.

Download the plan of the Château Preuillac vineyards